Confronting Organizational Insecurities Head On

Leveraging past experience as president of Virginia State University, Dr. Keith Miller provides clients in Virginia and beyond with goal-driven educational consulting services. Dr. Keith Miller recently engaged with the Niagara University College of Business Administration in leading a strategic planning workshop.

One aspect of the leadership equation that Dr. Miller focuses on is defeating the forces of fear, deceit, insecurity, and hypocrisy, which thrive in many organizations. When these elements exist, they are very difficult to uproot, as organizational behavior takes a long-term vision to change.

The key to overcoming organizational challenges is to confront them head on. While upper management may be tempted to gloss over endemic issues, the risk of doing this is becoming “out of touch.” Through connecting closely with team members at all levels of the organization and listening to their input, the isolating aspects of the hierarchy are mitigated and collective solutions that benefit the greatest number of employees are possible. More than that, potential areas of jealousy and unhealthy competition are squelched. In this way, synergies are unlocked, with each employee working together to achieve organizational success that brings collective benefits.


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