LHU’s New Branding Campaign and New Website

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania pic

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Image: lockhaven.edu

A former president of Virginia State University, Dr. Keith Miller currently resides in Chester, Virginia. Dr. Keith Miller, whose specialties include institution branding and enterprise resource planning, is currently president emeritus of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania (LHU).

Located in the city of Lock Haven in central Pennsylvania, LHU is a state university with a student population of 3,555 undergraduates and 370 graduate students. The university recently launched a branding campaign known as “The Haven Advantage.” Intended for potential students, the campaign highlights the experiences that await new students and the advantages of receiving an education from Lock Haven. Several unique programs, including The Haven Mindset and The First-Year-Experience, are described as part of the initiative.

Corresponding to the launching of the branding campaign is the introduction of a new website, with the school’s primary domain now lockhaven.edu from the previous lhup.edu. Improvements in the new site include more advanced personnel, department, and academic directories and enhanced content designed for student recruitment.


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