10 Characteristics of Successful University Leadership

“Do them your way.”

Keith T. Miller


Universities that excel in the coming decades will have leaders that prioritize the following.

  1.  Consistently nurture and build relationships within and outside the institution.

2.  Technology must integrated throughout the curriculum.

3.  Transformative experiential education opportunities such as study abroad, service            learning, internships and undergraduate/graduate research become common.

4.  A growing number of honors students, students from underrepresented groups                  and first generation students comprise the student body.

5.  Students and faculty from a handful of foreign countries  should be maintained.

6.  Elevate the university reputation through marketing  in traditional and                                nontraditional ways.

7.  Visibly bring excitement and commitment to the institution.

8.  Nurture and use a strong network of professional support in education,                                government and business; within and outside the United States.

9.  Use the hindsight of those before you to be your foresight.

10.  Team + Work = Teamwork:  No leader does anything alone.


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