Seven Hills Middle School – “Never too Early to Create Leaders” Keith Miller

“In life, sometimes it is better for children to lead the way.”

                                              Keith Miller, Ph.D.

 Leadership on Demand 

Lambert Publications

Testimonials Seven Hills School

  •  (6 months ago)

    It has been head and shoulders above what we even thought was possible. I feel truly blessed to be able to have the opportunity to send my boys to such a remarkable school. My boys speak the highest praise in saying they love going to school everyday. This was NOT the case in the past.

  •  (1 year ago)

    From a family member of a student this school is unbelievably amazing. To our family it has been everything. A supportive emotionally understanding and rigorous environment that is more concerned with helping students become effective people than effective test takers although high governors school acceptance rates and profound well spoken and thoughtful students can speak to the quality of the education. Likely this school is an ill fit for those who are married to the dominant paradigm but perhaps the only school for those who find it lacking. A safe place for boys to survive the transition to young adulthood without having to throw their personalities on the altar of sacrifice to the gods of peer pressure and the encroachment of number-driven and utterly impersonal schooling that awaits them. Kindness grace and critical thinking will embolden them to retain their wonderful qualities in the schools that await them.

  •  (4 years ago)

    I’m a freshman in high school now. I went to 7 Hills for three years. I loved going to school every day. The teachers were really good and always helped me. Now I go to the governor’s school (ranked 13th in the country!!) and I haven’t had any trouble doing the work. I wish 7 Hills had a high school because I would go there.


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