Scandinavia and Asia Demonstrate Cross Cultural Business Teams –

Danish innovation network visited Thailand

by Lærke Weensgaard • November 19, 2018 

Some countries are “talking the talk and walking the walk.”  It is difficult not to like people when you are working together on similar goals.                                          Keith Miller, Ph.D.

Working together works.


Creative executives and professors from the Danish Lifestyle & Design Cluster visited Thailand in the second week of November for a study and business matching trip arranged by the Danish Embassy.

Photo: Lifestyle & Design Cluster

The 17 participants from the Danish Lifestyle & Design Cluster witnessed presentations from some of the leading Danish companies in Thailand such as ECCO, Jacob Jensen Design and B&O.

They also visited large-scale production facilities such as Pandora and Royal Copenhagen and met many possible future business partners at a match making session, according to the Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok.

The participants also had time off to enjoy Thailand.

Lifestyle & Design Cluster is a Danish innovation network that works to promote innovation and sustainable growth primarily in the small and medium-sized housing and clothing companies as well as in the creative industries.


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