About Dr. Keith Miller

Dr. Keith Miller, Virginia

With more than two decades of experience guiding academic institutions, Dr. Keith Miller served as president of Virginia State University from 2010 to 2014. He guided a comprehensive institution with diverse, technology-integrated programs ranging from the liberal arts to engineering. Dr. Keith Miller’s accomplishments at Virginia State University included construction of the first green residence hall statewide. This was part of planned and completed capital projects totaling in excess of $150 million.

Dr. Miller also pioneered the use of digital textbooks and was a founding member of the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing. He spearheaded a major expansion in research activities and set in place a Local Open Online Courses program. A successful marketing effort earned his team nine Emmy Awards.

Dr. Keith Miller maintains an active presence in his extended professional community. One of five members of the New President’s Academy, he has engaged with more than three dozen new college chancellors and presidents. As chairman of the Millennium Leadership Institute, he has guided a selection committee for professionals aiming for such positions of responsibility.