Creating a Success-Driven Organization with Shared Responsibilities

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Keith Miller

Dr. Keith Miller is a respected educational administrator who has engaged as Virginia State University president and enabled the creation of a number of public-private partnerships. One of Dr. Keith Miller’s key accomplishments was the establishment of the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing. He currently advises Virginia State University doctoral students and is a consultant with the AASCU-Penson Center for Professional Development.

In “It’s About Me,” one of his articles featured on the AASCU-Penson Center website, Dr. Miller focuses on the ways in which selfish attitudes within organizations can bring about their early demise. The key as a leader is to look beyond one’s personal agenda and familiarize oneself with how rank-and-file members of the organization view things. This helps mitigate friction and misunderstandings that can arise between the various cliques and factions that inhabit any system, particularly those that bring individuals of diverse backgrounds together.

The success-driven leader sets in place mechanisms of unhindered communication and feedback at all levels of the organization, with an aim of encouraging group work around shared objectives. The aim is not to take credit personally for accomplishments but rather to create an environment in which everyone succeeds through pulling together and coordinating their efforts seamlessly.


SCORE – Helping Small Businesses Achieve Success


An educational consultant who also teaches doctoral students, Dr. Keith Miller previously served as president of Virginia State University. Named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Central Pennsylvania, Dr. Keith Miller’s volunteer roles include judging in an entrepreneurship contest hosted by the Richmond, Virginia, SCORE chapter.

The competition’s aim is to recognize and reward startups and emerging organizations in the Richmond area for their creation of business models that have a high probability of success.

For more than fifty years, the nonprofit group SCORE has been helping small businesses start, expand, and reach their goals by providing mentorship and education. Assisted by the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE has a network of more than 11,000 volunteers, allowing it to provide its services at minimal or no charge.

The nonprofit has more than 320 chapters throughout the United States and its territories. These chapters organize workshops and events and connect entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors in their locality.

SCORE Awards Gala Honors Small Business Owners

SCORE Awards Gala pic
SCORE Awards Gala

Former president of Virginia State University, Dr. Keith Miller is also the president emeritus for Lock Haven University. During his 25 year career in academic administration, Dr. Keith Miller has been able to use the management and business skills that he has gained throughout his entrepreneurial background. Recently, Dr. Keith Miller was asked to judge an entrepreneurial competition sponsored by SCORE.

Founded over 50 years ago, SCORE is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping small businesses achieve their goals through education and a successful mentoring program. Through over 320 chapters, members offer services at low or no cost to those who need mentoring or business tools.

Each year, the organization hosts the SCORE Awards Gala, an event celebrating the success of American small businesses that demonstrate a unique vision within the small business community. Honors are awarded in categories such as the Diverse Small Business Award, the Outstanding Woman-Owned Small Business Award, and the American Manufacturing Small Business Award.

The 2015 SCORE Awards Gala was held on September 17, 2015, in Washington DC. Entrants were required to “Snap a Business Selfie” by answering key questions about their business. Winners were businesses that have been assisted by SCORE and exemplified how small businesses have made America a better place. All proceeds from the event support the SCORE Foundation.