Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Offers Speakers on Numerous Topics

Dr. Keith Miller, Virginia
Dr. Keith Miller, Virginia

Dr. Keith Miller is a former university president who currently resides in Virginia, teaching doctoral students at Virginia State University and serving as an educational consultant. Dr. Keith Miller’s accomplishments include his selection as the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Black History Month speaker in February 2016.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, also known as the Richmond Fed, regularly selects speakers to discuss topics including economic conditions, banking issues, and payments services. The Richmond Fed generally selects speakers according to its audience’s requests and provides the talks as a free service to its community, the Fifth District, which consists of the District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and part of West Virginia.

Typical topics covered by Richmond Fed speakers include economic conditions both nationally and within the Fifth District as well as labor markets and state-local public finance development, among others. The Richmond Fed may also feature speakers within its Supervision, Regulation, and Credit departments to provide information to bankers on banking issues such as corporate governance and fraud. The Richmond Fed provides a form on its official website that allows community members to request specific speakers.