Virginia State University Chosen for Wallace Foundation Program

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A graduate of the University of Arizona with a PhD in education, Dr. Keith Miller has served in several executive roles in higher education, including as president of Virginia State University. Dr. Keith Miller currently leverages his training and experience to work with students pursuing doctorates at Virginia State University (VSU).

In November of 2016, VSU announced that the Wallace Foundation, a philanthropic organization that funds a number of initiatives focused on improving the quality of education for children with disadvantages, has chosen the school to participate in a national program designed to provide more effective training for aspiring school principals. Through the $47 million, four-year initiative, VSU will develop models to strengthen its principal-training program in conjunction with the state’s Department of Education and district partners.

The university will specifically partner with Hopewell City Public Schools, Henrico County Public Schools, and Sussex County Public Schools, all of which are districts that often hire graduates of VSU. This cooperation will help facilitate the creation of evidence-based training aligned with the specific needs of local schools. In addition, VSU will receive assistance in revamping its principal-training program from the Georgia-based Quality-Plus Leader Academy, which is known for its expertise in developing successful school administrators.


SCORE Connects Entrepreneurs with Experienced Business Mentors



An accomplished education leader, Dr. Keith Miller formerly served as president of Virginia State University. Currently, Dr. Miller works with doctoral students at Virginia State and serves as an associate consultant at the AASCU-Penson Center for Professional Development. Additionally, Dr. Keith Miller supports several nonprofit groups, including SCORE (formerly known as the Service Corps of Retired Executives).

In its efforts to help small businesses succeed, SCORE oversees various programs and initiatives in communities across the United States. One of the organization’s most popular offerings is its mentor program, which connects up-and-coming entrepreneurs with experienced business leaders.

With the largest network of volunteer business mentors in the nation, SCORE provides its mentoring services for little or no cost. SCORE volunteers are available throughout the country to provide advice about business development, growth, and management across 62 industries.

Entrepreneurs who would like to use the mentoring service can connect with a local SCORE mentor for face-to-face meetings or take advantage of the organization’s video mentoring, which gives users access to an experienced SCORE mentor from anywhere in the world. To get matched with a local or video mentor, individuals can visit SCORE’s website and fill out the mentor request form. To learn more about the program or request a mentor, visit

Confronting Organizational Insecurities Head On

Leveraging past experience as president of Virginia State University, Dr. Keith Miller provides clients in Virginia and beyond with goal-driven educational consulting services. Dr. Keith Miller recently engaged with the Niagara University College of Business Administration in leading a strategic planning workshop.

One aspect of the leadership equation that Dr. Miller focuses on is defeating the forces of fear, deceit, insecurity, and hypocrisy, which thrive in many organizations. When these elements exist, they are very difficult to uproot, as organizational behavior takes a long-term vision to change.

The key to overcoming organizational challenges is to confront them head on. While upper management may be tempted to gloss over endemic issues, the risk of doing this is becoming “out of touch.” Through connecting closely with team members at all levels of the organization and listening to their input, the isolating aspects of the hierarchy are mitigated and collective solutions that benefit the greatest number of employees are possible. More than that, potential areas of jealousy and unhealthy competition are squelched. In this way, synergies are unlocked, with each employee working together to achieve organizational success that brings collective benefits.