AASCU-Penson Center Consults College and University Leaders

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AASCU-Penson Center
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During a career spanning over 25 years, Dr. Keith Miller has held many academic and administrative positions in higher education. He served as president of Virginia State University and is president emeritus of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. Utilizing his years of experience, Dr. Keith Miller also offers counsel in his role with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities Penson Center for Professional Development (AASCU-Penson Center).

Composed of many former chancellors and presidents of public universities and colleges, the AASCU-Penson Center works to improve higher education in the U.S. It is the sole consulting firm focused on improving such institutions by strengthening their presidencies. Its team of associate consultants draws upon their proven individual success to provide sitting university and college leaders a personalized approach to issues facing their institutions.

The AASCU-Penson Center offers a host of different consulting services designed to assist the leaders of higher education institutions. Among these are assessing and developing leadership personnel, strengthening fundraising infrastructure, leadership transition management, and services specific to improving board member performance.


New Presidents Academy Strengthens University and College Leaders

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American Association of State Colleges and Universities
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Previously the president of both Lock Haven University and Virginia State University, Dr. Keith Miller now mentors other leaders of institutions of higher learning. A resident of Chester, Virginia, Dr. Keith Miller is a former faculty member of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities’ (AASCU) New Presidents Academy.

As part of the AASCU’s goal to increase public understanding of higher education and prepare students for modern education, the organization holds the annual New Presidents Academy. Focused on addressing the specific needs of new university leaders, the meeting enables participants to share information and experience with peers. It is intended to be a supportive environment for learning about and dealing with circumstances facing new executives. The faculty, composed of presidents, share knowledge gained over the course of their tenures during presentations.

The meeting consists of four all-day sessions on a range of topics, including interpretive communication, fiscal oversight, and enrollment management. During breaks, participants can schedule private appointments with faculty. The event ends in a ceremony that marks the transitions of new presidents.

The 2017 academy will convene from July 31 to August 4 in San Diego. All presidents and chancellors appointed to office at their state college or university after September 2015 are eligible to attend.

AASCU’s New Presidents Academy

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American Association of State Colleges and Universities
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A former president of Virginia State University, Dr. Keith Miller now serves as president emeritus of Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. Throughout his years of service at Virginia State University and Lock Haven University, Dr. Keith Miller has been involved in numerous organizations, including the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), where he served as a faculty member for the New Presidents Academy.

The New Presidents Academy is a program that seeks to meet the unique needs of new state university presidents and chancellors. The only program that offers mentoring to new presidents during their first year of service, the academy brings together first-time presidents and chancellors for networking and educational sessions.

The most recent academy, which was held from July 25 to 29, 2016, in La Jolla, California, covered topics such as strategic visioning, overseeing financial management, shaping an organization, using interpretive communication, and managing enrollment to enhance student success.


University of Arizona’s Preeminent Status

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University of Arizona
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Virginia resident Dr. Keith Miller is president emeritus of Lock Haven University and a past president of Virginia State University. Dr. Keith Miller earned his BS, MPA, and PhD from the University of Arizona (UA) and was a recipient of the university’s distinguished alumni award in recognition of his accomplishments.

A public research university, the University of Arizona is ranked No. 68 worldwide and No. 42 nationally by the Center for University World Rankings. It is rated among the best colleges in America by US News & World Report and is listed as one of the “Best Western Colleges” by the Princeton Review. A large number of Fulbright Scholars are also products of the UA.

A validation of its preeminent status is its membership in the Association of American Universities (AAU). To become a member of the AAU, the school must be recognized for its excellent education and research programs. Membership to the AAU is by invitation only. The UA is the only academic institution in Arizona that is an AAU member, and it is among the 62 foremost private and public research universities in Canada and the United States.

The AU’s programs are significant and diverse, and include leading the OSIRIS-REx asteroid sampling mission, which in 2023 will bring an asteroid sample back to Earth, as well as developing a initiative designed to encourage student veterans and ROTC students to take up careers as engineers and scientists with the U.S. Navy.


SCORE – Helping Small Businesses Achieve Success

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An educational consultant who also teaches doctoral students, Dr. Keith Miller previously served as president of Virginia State University. Named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Central Pennsylvania, Dr. Keith Miller’s volunteer roles include judging in an entrepreneurship contest hosted by the Richmond, Virginia, SCORE chapter.

The competition’s aim is to recognize and reward startups and emerging organizations in the Richmond area for their creation of business models that have a high probability of success.

For more than fifty years, the nonprofit group SCORE has been helping small businesses start, expand, and reach their goals by providing mentorship and education. Assisted by the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE has a network of more than 11,000 volunteers, allowing it to provide its services at minimal or no charge.

The nonprofit has more than 320 chapters throughout the United States and its territories. These chapters organize workshops and events and connect entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors in their locality.


The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Community Service Honor Roll pic
Community Service Honor Roll
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The former president of Virginia State University and Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Keith Miller earned his PhD from the University of Arizona and possesses nearly 30 years of university experience, including teaching and serving as dean. During Dr. Keith Miller’s four-year tenure at Virginia State, the university was named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

Established in 2006, the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll recognizes the efforts of colleges and universities to improve their communities and produce civic-minded graduates. The honor roll chooses institutions in four categories:

1. General community service, for institutions committed to assisting low-income, noncampus residents in areas such as health, environment, or families of military personnel.

2. Interfaith community service, for institutions striving to build and maintain relationships between those in the community with different beliefs or backgrounds.

3. Economic opportunity, for institutions working within their communities to foster economic independence, good family dynamics, and sustainability.

4. Education, for institutions who focus their community service efforts on children and adolescents, preparing them for future education and improving school programs or graduation rates.


Leadership Services Offered by the AASCU-Pension Center

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AASCU-Pension Center
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Dr. Keith Miller is the former president of Virginia State University, where he presided from 2010 to 2014. A consultant for leadership in Virginia, Dr. Keith Miller serves as an associate with the AASCU-Pension Center for Professional Development.

Dedicated to the advancement of higher education, the AASCU-Pension Center is comprised of former university and college administrators who work to help those currently in similar positions. Consultations are provided for those new to their positions, as well as for established professionals seeking additional guidance.

The center’s “Leadership Transition and Succession Management” service helps incoming and outgoing leaders have smooth transitions. The center defines a six-phase model for choosing new university leaders, including guidelines on preparing for the search, forming search committees, and conducting performance reviews.

The AASCU-Pension Center can also assist higher education leaders with academic planning and development. Consultants are there to help university leaders prepare students for a society that requires engaged citizens to have well-rounded educations.